St. Kitts - South Friars Bay

Heading down the spine of St. Kitts

Heading down the spine of St. Kitts

St. Kitts & Nevis is a tiny nation in the Caribbean made up of the two islands for which it is named. It’s a beautiful place, with plenty of beaches and beautiful scenery. Its only fault that I could spot was the fact that cruise ships dock there pretty regularly, bringing tourist hoards. In spite of the cruise ship port on St. Kitts, I never found the island to feel the least bit crowded, and parts of the beach at South Friars Bay felt absolutely deserted.

The beach is easily accessible from the port and other parts of the island by cabs, which are cheap and easy, and our driver at least was extremely friendly, offering to come back to the beach to pick us up at a time of our choosing. At one end of the bay is a sort of “beach club” where you can eat and drink and rent chairs or umbrellas. If there was a crowded part of the bay, this was it, but I still wouldn’t call it crowded, as there were still plenty of spots to sit down and spread out. The menu here seemed a little overpriced, probably in line with what tourists are willing to pay, and the place seemed a little too sterile, so we headed up the bay to the opposite end of the beach.

There isn’t much else to be found here, it looked like the only other businesses on the beach had dried up and been abandoned for a while, but if you walk all the way to the Southeast end of the beach, you’ll be at Shipwreck Bar, a small place serving cheap food and drinks. This is probably the kind of place you’d picture in your head for “beach bar,” complete with plastic chairs, delicious rum drinks, stuff from every corner of the US plastered on the walls, and a friendly bartender who’d left the real world behind years ago to start this place up.

I’m not sure if this is always the case, or if we had gotten incredibly lucky, but there was hardly another soul on that side of the bay, and it felt like we had the place to ourselves. I was a little surprised at this, because I had heard that this bar in particular is pretty well known. I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed the place nearly as much if there was a crowd, but it was deserted and as a result, felt completely unspoiled. The beach is pretty narrow at this end, so be careful where you set anything down, although the bar does have a covered area with a few tables and chairs.