St. Thomas, USVI


The cruise ship port in the Charlotte Amalie area of St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands has all the typical trappings of a tourist area, including a Senor Frogs. It’s a fine place to get a beer or a drink, but I wouldn’t recommend spending any more time there if you happen to be getting on or off of a ship. For a few bucks, you can get a van to drive you to other parts of the island. Magens Bay Beach, one of the more popular beaches is just a few minutes away on the other side of the island.

While there are certainly plenty of people who use this beach, it’s long enough that it never really felt crowded, or even busy when I happened to be there. The north end of the beach, which also has a bar or two and the parking area, is where most of the people using the beach hang out. If you walk to the other end of the bay, it feels deserted. Even if you’re just after some drinks, I’d still probably elect to pay the few bucks for transport and have them here at the beach, rather than some of the busier parts of the Island – most notably, the cruise ship port.